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Gold Plating and Powder Coating

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24K Gold Plating... Rims, Emblems, Firearms, Gas Pump Trim Pieces, Coke Machine Bezels, Golf Clubs, Bicycle Parts and the list goes on and on....

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We gold plate jewelry, rings, pendants, necklaces, belt buckles, guns, watches, pocket watches, motorcycle parts, car emblems, rims, and wheels. We can gold plate jewelry, stemware and silverware. We can gold plate guitar parts, musical instruments, and gold plate drum parts.

We can gold plate just about any metal or plated surface, bringing the object back to like new condition!

Emblems, Rims, Gauges and Trim are just some of the endless possibilities for automotive and motorcycle customizing. Gold can also be deposited on Engine parts, and valve covers.
Gold plated brake drums, rear differentials, gun parts, gold plate jewelry, and gold plate motorcycle parts. We can even gold plate stainless steel. Gold plate guitar parts, drum parts, trumpets, trombone, and musical instruments.
Below, 1970 Impala brake drums and differential cover... true 24k GOLD!!