Kustom Krome

Gold Plating and Powder Coating

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We gold plate, jewelry, watches, rings, car rims, car wheels, car parts,

car emblems, motorcycle rims, motorcycle parts, and other items.

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Enhance the beauty and value of automobiles, motorcycles, boats, golf clubs, plumbing fixtures, jewelry and much, much more!

Personalize your possessions with the beauty of real 24k gold. Our state of the art process will provide unparalleled beauty and simple maintenance. 

We are a gold plating and powder coating company, specializing in gold plating. We use 24k gold, to plate rims, wheels, jewelry, watches, cufflinks, pendants, motorcycle parts, emblems, car parts, motorcycle rims, and other items. We also gold plate difficult items, such as stainless steel.

Gold plated pocket watch below, before and after. We gold plate jewelry. We gold plate cufflinks. We can gold plate flatware. Gold plated guitar parts. We can gold plate rims and wheels. We gold plate Harley Davidson motorcycle parts. Gold plated trophies, gold plated guns, gold plated gun parts, gold plated rings, gold plated pendants, gold plated motorcycle rims. Gold plated grilles, door handles, bumpers, gold plated trumpet, sax, trombone. We also gold plate truck parts, gold plate lug nuts, gold plate furniture and table legs. We offer gold plating service for many applications, give a call!